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Affiliate Marketing – Is It Meant For My StartUp?

Is Affiliate Marketing Meant For My Business

The above title was a question posed to me as a part of an interview with an uber cool Start Up that I had read a lot about and had come to admire. As the go to guy for the Affiliate Program in one of the largest Web Hosting companies in India, I took a lot of pride in the trade I represent. The fact that I also follow some of the best and revered names in the industry for inside information and knowledge upgrades fuelled my belief further for the performance marketing channel.

Obviously I voted for it and spelled some of the stark benefits that the company, which was targeting businesses as its audience, could benefit from. But, the founder disagreed with my theory and mentioned that they would revert regarding the offer.


Sales Tip For Startups – Consider Affiliate Marketing

Increase Sales with an Affiliate Program

“Money on my mind, Money on my mind” well Sam Smith apparently had love on his mind while writing the lyrics to this song. However, for a Startup I am sure the thought is a little different. In this case I presume it would be something like this “Sales on my mind, need to increase Revenue everytime”

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