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The Real Skills You Should Look For While Hiring Your Affiliate Program Manager

Hiring An Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Programs are being adopted by many Startups and established businesses as a channel to generate incremental revenue and traffic. However, like any other Marketing Channel, it’s imperative for you to ensure that your business has hired the right person responsible for managing the program.

In the current scenario, you find businesses investing in dedicated resources to manage their SEO efforts, SEM Campaigns, Content Marketing, Email Campaigns and so on; this helps you leverage on the experience and strategies of the person in-charge, and quickly focus on methods that would help you realize the objectives set for that channel.

Similarly, appointing the right individual for the responsibility of managing your Affiliate Program will ensure that your Affiliate Channel is meeting its goal, and is adding around 15% – 20% to your total revenue.

The responsibilities of an Affiliate Manager are myriad, which is why it’s important to look out for some key skills while hiring for your program.


Why Content Marketing Is More Important Than You Think & How Affiliates Help

Benefits Of Content Marketing

Over the past few years Content Marketing has proved to be an effective and well adopted medium to drive traffic that eventually translates into business. Most of the research websites that have done independent surveys to gauge the performance or feedback that businesses had for Content Marketing shows that around 72% of businesses believe that content is essential for them; and around 63% Marketers say that well executed content has helped them increase their Leads & Conversions by around 40%.

However, with competition stiffening it’s just not enough to maintain a Blog for your business. In today’s E-Commerce scenario it’s easy to find multiple players within numerous categories whether that be Fashion, Food, Electronics, Jewelry, Education and so on; and almost every one of them is operating a well drafted Blog, Social Channel, Email List and so on; I am sure you reading this are also aware of how your competition is using content to drive relevant traffic to their website.  So how does your business then amplify its content creatively and achieve its objectives?

This is where Affiliate Marketing can help you.


5 Powerful Ways To Market Your E-Commerce Business’s Affiliate Program

Promoting An Affiliate Program

The Indian E-Commerce category is a burgeoning market. As per statistics in the business standard, it’s valued at $17 Billion as per 2014, and is slated to hit a $100 Billion valuation by 2019. Initially it was a challenge for businesses to encourage users to purchase Products & Services online since almost everyone was used to using their sense of touch and sight while deciding on a purchase. However, in the year 2014, around 1/3rd of the Internet Population i.e. roughly around 40 Million People in India were recorded making purchases online; and this number is also on the upward slope and is pegged to hit 65 Million people by 2015.

At the outset, a lot of the E-Commerce carving was done by the now giants Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and so on. However, with the steady improvement in infrastructure related to e-businesses like Broadband, Logistics and Portable Internet devices, a number of Startups proliferated and decided to venture in the space. The more the number of incumbents in a particular market or category, the higher the competition for survival becomes for businesses in the space. This led to Startups resorting to ingenious ways of promoting the value of their business, and one of them is setting up an Affiliate Channel.

However, just setting up an Affiliate Program is not going to help.


6 Content Affiliate Recruitment Tools Your Business Can’t Live Without

Recruiting Affiliates That Focus On Content

In recent times Content Marketing has steadily risen in popularity. Every business on the internet, whether established or starting up, has set up a Blog or use alternate mediums through which they offer useful and engaging content related to their Product/Service; or a problem that their business could solve. A Google Trends search shows a definite spike in the interest that people have had for Content Marketing over the years, and the enthusiasm for it doesn’t seem to be dropping. However, it’s important to understand why Content Marketing is favored by businesses.

Google, in today’s time, is the most preferred Search Engine by users worldwide. People have a natural tendency to use Google to search for quick solutions to their queries or problems. This makes it imperative for businesses to ensure that they’re complying with the ever changing demands for Search Engine Ranking, and lately a lot of emphasis has been placed on Content.

This is where knowing how to Recruit Affiliates, especially the ones that focus on content, can help amplify your Marketing efforts.


2 Ways To Succeed At Managing An Affiliate Program Effectively

Manage An Affiliate Program - In-House Vs Outsourced

Businesses whether established or fresh are looking at non conventional and efficient mediums to connect to their audience effectively. It’s a perpetual objective for the Marketing Manager & Founders to ensure that the best returns are sought on the marketing spend made. Sometimes you occasionally come across businesses, especially Startups, who are weary about having to incur a high expense initially and research on growth hacks, or cost efficient alternatives inorder to reach out to their targeted audience. This is why the Performance Marketing channel, Affiliate Marketing, has been adopted by a lot of businesses in recent times to help with customer acquisition, and offer the ROI advantage of having to pay only on a Sale or Lead.

However, managing an Affiliate Program is a lot more important than simply starting up a channel. It also depends on what are the goals set by the business on the Affiliate Channel. For instance, are you looking at short term gains or long term gains? Is knowing who your top publishers are, important? Would you have the resources to manage your own publisher base? Do you have the time to invest in nurturing the Affiliate Channel? These are some of the questions that need to be answered before a business decides on how they plan to start up their Affiliate Program.

This brings us to the two methods that are popularly used by businesses to manage their Affiliate Program.