Affiliate Earning Helped Startup
Most of the business have concern when they planned to start an affiliate program. Are you also one of those online business owner who is stuck in dilemma of: to integrate or not to integrate an Affiliate Program with your service?

With the growing number of start-up and competition, getting the word out for your brand is the toughest task. By integrating affiliate program with your start-up, you can take down the pain to a great extent. In this article I will share how I helped one of the online business to earn over $48000+ in couple of years.


This is to give an overview what an integrated affiliate program can do for your business.

Affiliate Payout screenshot

To start with, I’m Harsh Agrawal who started Affiliate Marketing in 2008. My job as an affiliate marketer is to help businesses (Who are related to my niche) to get more clients and in turn I make decent income by referring. I believe, it’s the Affiliate Marketing which lured me towards online marketing, because apart from Passion, money plays a major role.

The very first thing is, I’m not directly linked to the business and I’m promoting them on the most trusted channel (On my Blog ShoutMeLoud and WPHostingDiscount), so that people get aware about the business and in turn I also earn decent income.

So let’s hear the story from a publisher point of view, and see if having an affiliate program is good for your business or not.

How having an Affiliate Program will boost your Startup

I manage ShoutMeLoud,  which is one of the top read blogs in India with an Alexa rank less than 300, and won numerous awards. I’m sharing this credentials with you to let you know how authentic this data is, and how important it is for you to make a decision of your own.

So, lets look at what all this business earned by having me as a part of their affiliate program. I’m just one tiny example, and I’m sure there are thousands more similar publishers/bloggers like me who are doing the same. 

Free Advertisements:

One of the biggest challenge for any new or existing online businesses is to advertise their product. Most of them take advantage of PPC advertising as it helps them sustain and grow their business. The problem with PPC advertising is; you will get client till the time you are advertising. You are spending money to earn money. This way your profit margin goes down. The best form of advertising is which is free.

With an Affiliate Program for your online service, you will be able to get free advertisement from bloggers and reviewers. In past 4 years, the company I’m connected with, I reviewed them at last 8 times in different format which drove a decent number of traffic and helped them increase their business. I had to do it to increase my Affiliate revenue, and what all company needed to do is: Having a good affiliate program.

Awareness on how to use the product:


Another reason most of you lose the prospect buyer is because they don’t understand your product. Just having reviews is not helpful, and having somebody else showing them how to use your tool/product will help in educating them. This also increases the likelihood of you getting more sales and without sweating your user-base is learning how to use the product.

Organic traffic:

When a blogger reviews your product on their blog, they also link out to different pages of your blog for information purpose. If not, they always mention your brand name which increases the authority of your brand, and also helps in search engine ranking. Do you know how hard it is to earn a good backlink? With an affiliate program you are helping your brand to earn genuine backlinks from trusted sources. This helps in pushing your organic ranking in short-time and for longer-period.

Conclusion and one important thing:

From my experience it’s always good to have an Affiliate Program with your online product/service. The most important thing here is; you need to focus on recruiting Affiliates carefully, and here are some Tips & Tricks on Quality Affiliate Recruitment. It’s a good idea to invite hand-picked affiliate marketers initially to promote your product, this way your initial review and word about your company will be put by highly authentic people. Moving forward, you can make your affiliate program open for all.

In case if your business is not appropriate for integrating Affiliate Marketing, you could think of integrating a referral program. You can take advantage of Gamification or freebies for the referrals. This is one growth hacking method which Dropbox used to grow their subscriber base to great extent.

Dropbox startup growth hacking

Do let me know what is stopping you from integrating an Affiliate Program with your start-up? If you are an entrepreneur who have integrated an affiliate program, do share your experience in the comment section.