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A List of TOP 10 FAQs Every Affiliate Program Should Have

Top 10 FAQs For An Affiliate Program

It’s been quite a while since I last blogged, and today seems better than any other to break the hiatus. A lot has changed since the last time I had put text to thought; I now have Hannah George, who is our new integral member of the team, and is primarily helping out with Business Development & Marketing; this brings the total strength of Trackbox to five which isn’t bad for our initial days given the skill sets that are being brought by everyone to the table. In the last two months we’ve managed to speak with plenty of Merchants, and worked closely with them to help them connect with relevant Affiliates. The idea is to gauge the possibility of value that each of them could deliver to the other, and in the process learned that the Affiliate Market is shaping up pretty well in India.

While assisting Stylefiesta setup their Affiliate Program, a business catering to the fashion space, we realized that we had together not touched upon one of the most important aspects of setting up a new Affiliate Program; chalking down The “Frequently Asked Questions”


Top 10 Coupon Websites in India That Are Helping Startups Generate Revenue

Coupon Websites Help Generate Revenue

Here’s a situation that we’re all very much used to going through. We land on an E-Commerce website interested in purchasing the phone that we’ve been thinking about for a very long time. We check the specifications of the phone, user reviews and everything else required to make a purchase decision; and once satisfied finally decide this is the phone that I am going to spend my money on.

Do we go ahead and make a purchase? Not really; you and me now go ahead and open a price comparison website that we trust, decide which website can offer me the best deal, enter the purchase process of the website that I have selected, and proceed to purchase our phone. But then surprise surprise, we’re now presented with the option to save more in the form of a Coupon.

In India, around 80%+ online shoppers are looking out for a Coupon while, or before making a purchase.


The Marketer Dialogue: An Interview With Danish Wadhwa – Founder GetSetLive

Danish Wadhwa - GetSetLive

The focus at Trackbox has always been to provide you with the best information, accompanied with real examples, on how Affiliate Marketing can help your business generate incremental revenue. Apart from that, we’ve also published information on how you can make smart tweaks to your current Affiliate Program to see better results.

In the past 3 months we’ve done an array of articles ranging from the importance of operating an Affiliate Program for your business, to how you can recruit your own super Affiliates, to how hiring the right manager for your Affiliate Program can help you achieve the objectives set up for your business. And as always, we’ll stay committed to ensuring that we nurture the Startup community with information on one of the most preferred marketing channels that has been adding around 15% – 20% to the total revenue of many Startup successes.

Keeping that in mind, we’re doing a series of interviews with Marketers at some popular brands highlighting the experience they’ve had with their Affiliate Program.